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Get exclusive and VIP one-one-one support from Wealth System’s founder, Troy West! Learn how he has used other people’s money to travel to 80+ countries and built multiple assets using the same dollar!

Attention: Ready To Start Your New Wealth Systems And Build New Assets…?


Over Two Complimentary Consultations, And We’ll Show You How To…

Quickly Start Your

Wealth Systems And Build Multiple Assets!

(This Can Work Regardless of Income, Savings, or Financial Experience…!)

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There are 3 Ways People Typically Pay For Living Expenses…

And Unfortunately, They Are Potentially Losing Thousands to Tens of Thousands of Dollars They Could Otherwise Keep and Grow!

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Want To Know What All Of The People Above Have in Common When It Comes To Money?

You guessed it…they use the 4th type of financing as a wealth system!

Kind of like Robert Kiyosaki talks about in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, there are two different systems. One is the conditioned systems and the other is WEALTH SYSTEMS!

Get exclusive and VIP one on one support from the founder himself.

Learn how he has used other people’s money to travel to 80+ countries and built multiple assets using the same dollar! (limited to only 40 individuals and families)

(We will even give you $500 if we can’t find you a minimum of $6,000 in opportunities for wasting your time. We are confident you will be very happy.)*

Your Wealth Systems Consultation

We Will Guide You Step-By-Step

Implement Your New Wealth Systems And Create Meaningful Assets You Deserve…
…And Begin To Make Extra Money Without Changing Much Or Doing Much!

Opportunity #1

Create Multiple Assets

We will roll up the sleeves and show you how Wealth Systems can do things you probably have never heard of, like creating multiple assets with the same dollar! We will show you what wealthy families and businesses have been doing systematically for over 200 years that 99% of people likely do not know or how to implement (it is easy)!

You’ll get to know how the affluent use Wealth Systems to…

Opportunity #2

Find Money And Pay Off Debts

Between opportunities with income and overpaying in expenses, taxes, and debts, we will help you find money to grow your wealth creating assets, regardless of your financial experience, what your income or net worth is! We will even show you how to strategically use debt strategies so you can immediately convert what you are paying to banks into growing assets!

You’ll get to know how the affluent use Wealth Systems to…

Opportunity #3

Create More Buying Power

Besides savings, a major variable in the quality of life you desire is the available buying power (money it can use for expenses and taking advantage of opportunities). We will help you build your “opportunity bucket of money” so you can be even more proactive in growing your assets strategically

You’ll get to know how affluent families use Wealth Systems to…

Opportunity #4

Use Other People’s
Money Strategically

Like several other myths, traditional planning is generally basic and aims to control your money and make institutions money first. As you know, there is good debt and bad debt. This is one of, if not the single most important part of Wealth Systems. Learn how you can keep your money growing and strategically use other people’s money to build wealth!

You’ll get to know how affluent individuals and families use Wealth Systems to…

Opportunity #5

Create Multigenerational Wealth

Most individuals and families end up spending down and paying unnecessary taxes when they die. What if you could create an immediate estate beyond your current net worth and pass on tax free? You can and even if you think you may know how, typically most won’t know how to optimally do it..

You’ll get to know how affluent families use Wealth Systems to…

What are you waiting for?!

Only 40 motivated individuals and families will be accepted. As the old proverb goes, the best time to create wealth was years ago. The second best time is NOW! Build wealth using strategies affluent families use creating momentum for your finances!

Plus get a risk guarantee that if we can’t help you find at least $6,000, we will pay you $500 for wasting your time...we are so confident we know you will be happy and proud of yourself.

Ready To Start Your New Wealth Systems From Just 4 Hours Over Two Complimentary Consultations?

What You Can Expect From Your Wealth Systems Consultations!

Before Your Consultations

(Likely based on what we typically see)

After Your Wealth Systems Consultations

But That’s Not All!

By being accepted as one of our 40 applicants, you will get to be part of several benefits as they launch over the next year!


Middle American families are grossly underserved in the financial industry. All too often, the industry and services are marketed to benefit the institutions first, not YOU! Beyond the wealth systems you will implement, we aim to provide you with even MORE value FREE! In 2024 you will be able to get access to new programs that give you access to a wide range of premier experts in personal areas of life to give more opportunities and the full range of wealth you deserve!

Here are some of the extra benefits you will get being selected as one of 40 applicants:


When you are accepted as an individual or family you will get access to Wealth Systems financial literacy courses as they come out in 2024:



Transition to use business as another wealth systems vehicle. We have methods to help you create more income part time or make a full transition to becoming a full-time business owner!

Other Benefits When You Are Accepted as One of the 40 Individuals and Families

It is difficult to even put a value on this offer because it lasts long-term. Year after year we will help guide you with your Wealth Systems…

To get a chance to be accepted as an Individual or Family Sign Up Here:

We Are Only Accepting 40 Applicants So Now Is The Time To Act!
Ready To Get Your Wealth Systems From Just Two Consultations?
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